Data Recovery

Toplink retrieve lost data from various storage devices including computers, servers and emails. Conversely, our dedicated degausser hardware, eraser software and destroy hardware can fully erase data from all types of storage units.

DIY Computer

Computer does not have a specific model, in accordance with the different needs, including performance, data capacity, appearance, price, optional combination of the entire computer system. Welcome to contact us for DIY computer combination query offer.

Hardware Vendor

Toplink sell all kind of hardware, we are partner of many world wide brand product including printers, PC, firewall, router.

IT Technology Support

Provide on-site service for users of computers system or other technology products.

Networking Design And Cabling

Toplink delivers fully integrated network solutions from design and implementation to maintenance and consultation. Clients’ needs and limitations are taken into consideration every step of the way to ensure the effectiveness of the network.

Security System

We provide consultation of CCTV, alarm and attendance system.


We sell various kind of product, like Microsoft, Adobe, NOD32, accounting software and POS system.

System Maintenance

We offer unlimited onsite support to prevent potential hazards and fix existing problems at a cost that's kind to your budget. Our employees are trained to ensure best practice in your daily IT support needs.